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To be a successful musician you have to generate income from your brand and leverage your worth into bigger business opportunities.  This calculator will shed light on products you can sale and the target sales goal needed to reach your monthly income goals.

$1k Formula
This table is built to give you determine what products you'd like to sale and the target sales goal per product needed to generate $1,000 a month.
*Instructions* Make changes to the "Amount" column to adjust sales totals.
Target goal should be $100+ per product being sold.
Inventory Monthly Total:
Playlisting Services
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Influencer Marketing
Expenses Monthly Total:
Total Profit:
Focusing on higher priced items means you need less of those items to sold to hit your monthly goal.
Other lifestyle products. Anything you can buy and rebrand as your own. Examples: CBD, Fitness, Traveling items, Rolling Papers, Lighters, Jewlery,Oils, Candles
The bigger your budget the more reach you'll have. As you generate sales, reinvest in your marketing in the products that are out performing the others.
Spotify is one of many digital streaming platforms that each payout royalties. (Ex: Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Pandora, etc.) You'll generate a different royalty rate according to the platform and your splits of the song being streamed.
Getting on playlists can be free or paid depending on the outreach and playlist. You can get on many playlist simply reaching out to the curator and submitting your song. Make sure your song fits the style of the playlist.
Use Fiverr.com for affordable graphic designers and artists that can design your logos, animations, videos, artwork, and other creative designs that represent the theme of your brand. Upwork.com as second option.

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