Stop using "FREE" YouTube Beats & START developing your own sound with a multiplatinum music producer....

Here's How I Can Help

The biggest complaint I hear from artists and songwriters I work with is not having a producer on their team that can create quality original production that evolves,  matching the emotions of the  vocal performance.

Establish Your Own Sound

Stand out from other musicians by having your own sound that's distinct to your brand a voice.

Team Expansion

Build a relationship with a producer that understands your sound and career goals.

Save Money!

Save thousands by not paying for  multiple leases & expensive exclusive rights.

Fast Turn Around

Spend more time writing and recording and less time looking through pages of beats.

Exclusive Ownership

No worrying about other artists having songs to the same beat as you.                 

Custom Beats

Enhance the lyrics and feel of your song without using free loops that everyone else uses.

How It Works

  1. 1
    Step 1. Choose one of the packages below.
    Each option includes me making you a custom instrumental of any genre. 
  2. 2
    Step 2. Submit your song references and ideas.
    Here's where you tell me more about your song and provide me with any references, voice memos, acapellas, notes, or examples that would help me understand what you'd like the instrumental to sound like.
  3. 3
    Step 3. Delivery
    Once I receive your notes, I will create your custom instrumental and send it over to you for final approval!

"You are one producer that I know I can ask for any genre and you deliver.."

and even over deliver.   It helps me be as creative as I need to be.  I know any direction I want the song to go, you can take that idea and help manifest it into what I want.

@FBNSillo  //  Artist 

Who made the beat?  Rellevant you made this?

man that's out of here I gotta get up and shake your hand for that one.  This beat crazy and brings out a good performance in the vocals. 

_Goe7  //  Artist

@UFO1k  //  Artist

Non Exclusive

Simple, fast and effective flexible move...


  • 7 Day Turn Around
  • 1 Revision
  • Non Exclusive Rights
  • Wav File & Track Outs
  • Credit: Prod by Rellevant
3 Pack

Perfect for your EP or album release ...


  • 3 Day Turn Around
  •  Live Zoom Production Sessions
  • 3 Revisions
  • Exclusive Rights
  • Wav File & Track Outs
  • Credit: Prod by Rellevant

Secure Checkout

Custom Production

  • Save money in the long run
  • Custom production no one else has
  • Build a relationship with someone that understands your sound
  • Top quality sounds and mixing of the instrumental
  • Opportunities to submit your songs for TV/Film/and Record Label placements

YouTube Beats

  • Other artists have songs to your beat
  • Multiple charges for one beat
  • Can't release the song commercially to monetize
  • Not able to make changes to the beat
  • Producer won't help you market your song
  • Expensive exclusive licenses
  • Beat is no longer available when you're ready to buy it

About Me

Gerrell King

I've worked with some of the biggest artists and brands around the world.  I strive to create great music with musicians from all walks of life. 

With over 20 years of experience, I'm a Diamond Certified Multiplatinum Music Producer & Audio Engineer.  Let's work together and build your brand into a successful music career.  

Gerrell "Rellevant" King

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reproduce the music to a song I already have?

Yes, I provided custom music production including remaking songs or creating original production that captures the same feel and vibe of the song we are reproducing.


What happens after I submit my payment?

Once your payment is received, you'll be redirected to a submission form.  This form will ask you some basic questions about you and the type of production we'll be working on.  You'll also be able to submit any notes, links or files you'd like me to follow and listen to as a reference.


What if I need live instruments added?

If your song requires live instrumentation such as guitar, piano, bass, etc., please state this in the notes section of the submission form you'll be redirected to after submitting your payment.  There will be an additional fee of $150 to cover paying the instrument player.


Can you produce a track around my vocals?

Yes, if you only have song lyrics and a vocal melody that is enough.  I will deliver a fully produced instrumental built around your vocals.  After submitting your payment you'll be redirected to a page that will allow you to upload your vocal audio file along with any other reference songs that give me an idea of the sound you are looking for.


Am I able to participate or be involved while you work on the production?

Yes, I am able to stream my production sessions via Twitch.tv/Rellevant upon request.  This will allow you to comment and provide any additional notes and feedback while I produce the instrumental.


What genres do you produce?

I produce Top 40 radio ready genres including: Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Dance, Urban and Indie Pop.